Message from Co-Chairs

The Colorado Public Plan Coalition (CPPC) is an organization created to provide an objective platform for retirement plan administrators and industry experts to share information on best practices concerning plan administration, investments, and compliance with laws governing retirement plans for Colorado public sector and non-profit employees.

We recognize that the Trustees responsible for oversight of the retirement plans are continually seeking to improve their respective Plans and outcomes for their participants.  When combined with the rapidly changing demographics of an aging population and the uncertainty of regulations that may be imposed on retirement plans in the future, it is our belief that fiduciaries must understand their roles and responsibilities to help ensure participants make informed decisions for their retirement.

Our mission consists of two main goals:  provide a forum to network and interact with experts and other plan administrators or Trustees and provide valuable and relevant information and training.

The challenges we face together in this ever-changing environment requires time, dedication, and vigilance. We invite you to join us at this year’s annual conference in Beaver Creek.  We also encourage our CPPC members to provide ideas for improvement as we work together to improve the conference curriculum and networking opportunities.


Kim McDaniel                                                                    Rick Rodgers, AIFA®
CPPC Government Co-Chair                                           CPPC Industry Co-Chair